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I'm a professional branding photographer.


I've been a professional photographer in Houston, Texas for over 25 years. During this time I have specialized in portrait, fashion, and beauty photography.  I've had the opportunity to work with multiple talent agencies as well as have my work featured in Papercity and Modern Luxury.

Supporting small and local businesses has become a huge part of who I am and I've become really passionate about branding photography.  The thing I enjoy most about being a professional branding photographer is working closely with my clientele to develop visuals that elevate their brand. Having your own dreams is one thing but supporting others' dreams is another. I'd love to not only be your photographer but your personal cheerleader throughout your whole branding process!

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Think back to every Tv show, musician or podcast you’ve enjoyed. Each of their works contains different material. However, there is a common factor that keeps you interested. This is their ability to showcase their brand. A personal brand is used to promote oneself. This can be through a skill set, your own personality, and interests, or even experiences. 


As more people enter the world of freelancing, branding is a bigger buzz word than ever. Your brand and personality is what’s going to set you apart.


You might not realize it, but personal branding photography is an investment and a tool that can help grow your small business. Why take a chance that people will know what your brand is all about when you can tell them yourself?


 You won’t always be able to control how potential customers perceive your brand, but you can take steps to ensure that your story is as clear as possible!


Personal branding makes it possible for your audience to get to know you & your brand.


It allows you to showcase your uniqueness amongst your craft.


Personal branding offers the opportunity to attract specific clients to your company.


Imani H.

He’s great at photographing a range of different shades, sizes, and hair textures whilst making sure his clients glow from within in all their photos. I’ve used his services twice and will be using them a third time and many more times after that.

Kimberly M.

Arthur was so kind, professional, understanding, and extremely helpful during our time together! Would highly recommend him for any photography needs that you may have! 5 out of 5 stars and more!! I will personally use him for any and all photography needs I might have moving forward!

Bianca B.

Arthur Garcia and team are exceptional photographers and photography professionals. Arthur makes you feel at ease when you visit his studios and makes everyone smile!

This charisma and natural soft spoken talent lights up the individuals that he works with, and this reflects in all of the images that he takes.

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